JVHM, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Jeff Lambert, the previous owner of Software Solution Specialists, a software development firm that opened shop in 1990.  JVHM, Inc. has a wide range of experience that it brings to bear on all projects, large and small.

At JVHM we believe in a professional, well-communicated approach on all our projects and work closely with our clients and business partners to properly analyze, design, develop, implement and transition our work.   We expect all aspects of our efforts to be top notch.

blogWIP is simply a tool used by JVHM for supporting our clients’ business blogging needs. If you aren’t already one of our satisfied clients, we’d certainly like to have that relationship with you and your firm.

Please contact us as we are interested in partnering with you on a creative project that will positively impact your business and its presence on the World Wide Web.